Halls Qube



Halls Qube - 6ft x 6ft / 3mm Toughened Glass is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Halls Qube is a streamlined greenhouse, with a light and timeless design which blends in with its surroundings. A modern classic greenhouse that you can personalise and where you can create your own unique outdoor space.

It is a solid greenhouse with our newly developed box section profiles, which gives you a durable greenhouse. The unique box section greenhouse profiles are constructed so they optimise the aluminium’s profiles strength. This means less aluminium will be used for each profile, but the strength is the same as other more traditional type of profiles. Therefore you get a strong and solid greenhouse with a light and elegant look.

The greenhouse features wide gutters to capture larger amounts of rain. It is a real advantage to be able to harvest larger amounts of rainwater, and for example collect it in a water butt and use it for watering. This makes sense for both the environment and your wallet. The actual downpipe is not included with the greenhouse but can be purchased separately.

An optional steel greenhouse base is available that speeds up the construction process and stops the need to build a brick or timber base.

Finally, it is possible to outfit the greenhouse with integrated accessory products which gives you the ability to create your own interior design.

Greenhouse installation is available please call in-store for detail or email us.